Queen of riches


Queen of Riches is a casino game that is part of the Golden Casino series of games. This casino game is based on the life of Cleopatra. The storyline and the setting are perfectly recreated by Big Time Gaming and recreate this historical land as accurately as possible. After all, there were many myths about this queen that still exist and are very much alive today in keeping with the times. Some of these legends tell us that Queen Cleopatra was a real person who once lived in the Egyptian desert, some other tells us that she was a princess and others tell us that she was an immortal Egyptian princess known as buried with her husband in a great pyramid known as the Grand Temple.

Queen of Riches slot machine is designed sufficiently by Big Time Gaming to provide you a nice nostalgic feeling of ancient Egypt and the beauty of its splendor. The smooth graphical images and the charming sound effects keep you engaged in a fun treasure hunt during play. The sturdy construction is a unique Megaways 6-7-slot machine design submerged in an ancient Egyptian aesthetic temple for a feel of classic adventure. In addition, the machine features a fully digital re-write system that guarantees that when you win a jackpot the machine will print the amount printed on the ticket that you have won plus the bonus!

The mechanics of Queen of Riches is fairly straightforward. There are a total of nine queens in this casino game which rotate around the main virtual reel that spins, emitting sounds and moving symbols. When you see a queen that you want to play you push a button on its tile and choose one of the symbols it indicates. You can then use the arrow keys to navigate through the rest of the slots. If you successfully land on a queen, the game ends and you collect your winnings!