Multihand Blackjack


Multihand Blackjack is one of three games played in a Multistate Hold'em format, the other two being Texas Holdem and Five Card Draw. This particular Multihand Blackjack is a no-tell betting game where the player bets and never looks at the cards. This is in contrast with the regular versions of Blackjack, where players look at the card and bet when they see it.

The Multihand Blackjack is played in one table with two players. This is where the whole casino, with all its players, betting, shuffling and dealing will all take place simultaneously. The goal of this game is to beat out the dealer. Q, J, K and A give you ten points. Ace can stand for any one or eleven.

In the casino version, the player has to deal the deck, which contains fifty-four cards, including two jokers. There are two ways how to deal the deck. The novice players can learn from the professionals and bet on that. The more experienced players can opt for online blackjack where they know how to deal with the traditional multihand blackjack and still be able to make money. you bet on both the first and fifth deal re-raise after the third deal and re-raise after the fourth deal.

It is easy to understand that the multi-hand blackjack is played by matching cards. Players can match any of their cards and win by getting specific combinations. There are various factors that influence the outcome of the game. They are the dealer's luck, cards dealt, combination of cards and the player's luck. While playing you should make sure you have the best cards possible to beat the dealer.