Le Kaffee Bar


Landing on the square black arrow icon while playing the standard casino game, Le Kaffee Bar, will result in the following: “You've landed on the wrong square.” Players who have mastered the game often use this icon as a sign that it's time to switch gears, whether for a new high score or to attempt a new land on pattern. Although this icon is a standard part of the game, some players don't seem to understand its purpose or how to maximize its potential. The secret to maximizing the effectiveness of this icon lies in knowing exactly when to use it, as well as knowing how many times you should use it on each reel. Here are the basics of the icon and the importance of using it in your strategy.

When you land on the black square, you have just triggered the Wild Turbo bonus, which is part of the special casino game's mechanics. This instant icon allows you to immediately place a max bet of up to twice your initial stake on any of the four reels in the game. Landing three or more matching letters on the same reels will also award you with bonuses, while playing Le Kaffee Bar. All three symbol symbols appear simultaneously and payout the highest possible winnings of 24x your initial stake when you land on all three symbols simultaneously or on all four symbols together.

The Wild Turbo feature of the game means that you get to instantly enter into a bidding war, where you can spend as much time as you want to put yourself ahead before the turn begins. You can use the Wild Turbo feature to bait your opponents into placing their bets by having them guess what you are going to bet before you reveal it. If they guess correctly, then they must bet the amount you are willing to bet on that exact reels, else you win the amount of your original stake. The Microgaming feature of the game means that you can play for up to thirty minutes straight without stopping at all, and you can continue playing and earning cash after winning as long as you have coins in your bankroll.