Gold rush


In the fast-paced gambling world of Las Vegas the latest exciting game that has hit big is the Gold Rush game. Play against other casino game players and surpass the tycoons with your unique abilities. Diamonds aren't just in the gold mines, now you can also in the Gold Rush game.

To play the Gold Rush game, gamblers need to go to the website or the casino they're playing the bonus game with. The website will give the players free bonus chips that they can use in their next game. Once they get those chips they can then start playing. Winning is easy, all players need to do is get the right combination of numbers, designated by the website or casino, that result in a payout of a jackpot. Now, to win huge prizes and amazing amounts of money, all gamblers need to do is win a few spins. Bonus game gamblers should know that in every spin there is an opportunity for the player to win a prize.

In some of the bonus games like the No-Limit Hold'em and the Texas Hold'em the progressive symbol is shown on the reel bets. These symbols signify the chance for the player to win huge prizes after winning a single spin. Some progressive symbols may be small but those who have mastered the art of laying combinations that result in those symbols stand a good chance to bag a huge amount of money.