Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters


Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters are a casino game based upon the ancient Greek Mythology. The game presents the intriguing world of the Greek Islands and their fascinating gods and goddesses. This version of this classic theme is remade in the form of an online casino game as premium symbols. Players can use these premium symbols to cast their favorite role-playing gods and goddesses, including the legendary Poseidon, the Amazon queen, the dragons, the serpents and the hydra, into the game for the ultimate experience of gods and goddesses fighting against each other to save the human race from the wrath of the deities.

Medusa and the Monsters are not just a game; it is an interactive session that requires real skills to play. Players have to build their board using the pre-designed cards and place their premium symbols on the different squares that comprise the playing area. The objective of this game is to destroy all the other players' god cubes. Moreover, destroying the player's god cube first allows them to activate the hidden “epicure” card that contains a random legendary God card, thereby gaining the upper-hand in this battle and allowing them to win the game. Players can also use the premium symbols on the reels to attack their opponents and win the game.

There are a total of 52 reels in this bonus game. Each reel consists of a single mythological character with its own background. This means that there are more mythological characters available in this progressive jackpot slot. The jackpot amounts to a total of $1.25 million and the chances of winning it are relatively high. However, players should be aware that they are required to play in order to unlock the Bonus Room, where the largest prize in the game is awarded.