How To Stretch Your Bankroll For Maximum Gaming

How To Stretch Your Bankroll For Maximum Gaming

You have only been playing real money casino games for a few minutes and all of a sudden your bankroll is depleted, yet you had to play at the casino for a few hours. If this happens, then it means you are not managing your bankroll properly and you need to find efficient ways through which you can stretch your bankroll for maximum gaming at the casino.

We have identified and listed the most efficient ways through which players can stretch their bankroll and keep playing at the casino for long.

Claim The Available Casino Bonuses

Many players avoid this type of casino bonus because they do not want to bother reading the terms and conditions that are usually attached to these bonuses, especially the wagering requirements. You will find that most of the available casino bonuses are often attached to wagering requirements that an online casino requires you to meet to qualify for a withdrawal. As a way of avoiding all these requirements, many players prefer playing with their funds without having to claim these casino bonuses. Nevertheless, it is important to take a minute to think of what you might be missing by not claiming these casino bonuses.

If you claim and play with the casino bonuses, you will not be losing your funds. The bonus money is the free money given by the casino to grow your bankroll, which means you will have more funds in your casino account to play all the casino games you want and extend the time you spend at the casino. The worst thing that can happen when playing with the online casino bonus is your failure to meet the wagering requirements and in this case, the only thing you will have lost is the bonus and not the funds you had deposited at the casino. If you look at what you stand playing with the casino bonus, it is much more than what you stand to lose if you never qualify to cash out the bonus. Furthermore, you also get more time to keep playing at the casino and enjoying the games you love.

Start With Small Bets

Another important thing that you should do if you want to extend your time playing at the casino and stretch your bankroll is starting small. One grave mistake that many players make when they start playing at an online casino is failing to think about the exact amount of money they have in their bankroll. For instance, if you have a limited budget of only $50, there is no way you can start playing $10 bets and expect to play at the casino the entire day. Depending on your available casino budget, it is always great to start small and grow the bankroll as you continue playing at the gaming site. The best thing when playing with such a limited budget is to start small with bets of let’s say $1 and stick to that. You can only increase the bets if you feel that you are winning consistently and increasing the bets will not harm your budget in any way. Every time you think of increasing your bets, it is always important to make sure that you consider the amount of cash you have and the exact amount of time you will be spending at the casino.

The Volatility Of The Games

It is always important to consider the volatility of the casino games you will be playing. Some casino games have higher volatility than others. As a result, it is always important for players to consider the volatility of the casino games they will be playing before they start wagering. For instance, casino video slots are known to be more volatile than other casino games. This means if you play well and win, then you get to win more funds. However, it is also possible to lose big. 

The best thing a player can do in such circumstances is to try and mix video slots with other casino games such as blackjack and baccarat. When these games payout it is usually in the form of even money, with a payout of 99%. Therefore, when you start playing such games, even when you are not winning you won’t be losing much also. In this regard, we strongly recommend you play blackjack if you want to keep playing for a while at the casino and stand a chance of winning more cash. As you try to master other strategies when playing blackjack you should first focus on mastering the card counting strategy. Also, playing online blackjack is quite good for a player’s self-esteem since you will not just be relying on luck to win. Your level of skill is important when playing blackjack online is very important because it can be the difference between losing and winning the game. After you have been playing online blackjack for a while and feel bored, then you can start with the video slots and see how it goes.

Set Up The Loss and Win Limits

Managing your losses is also as vital as managing your winnings. It is for this reason that successful gamblers usually set winning limits when playing real money games online, they do this before every session starts. The best idea is to establish a 60% winning limit of your entire bankroll. You also set up the loss limit so that you can know exactly how much you can afford to lose before you can walk away.


If you are a player that finds it quite hard to stay financially disciplined, the best thing to do is to make sure you understand exactly what bankroll management is all about even before you join an online casino and start playing. We hope that the bankroll management tips outlined above will help you stretch your bankroll and enjoy the best casino games for a long while at the same time limiting your losses.

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